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musical mutts with MaryLee
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pawday 2012 in the news!

kampanye kesejahteraan binatang

Photo and Caption courtesy of: Wisnu Widiantoro/ Kompas, Monday, March 12, 2012, page 27

Ekspatriat mengajak anjingnya menikmati Taman Langsat, Jakarta Selatan, saat acara pawday, Minggu (11/3). Acara yang diselenggarakan Jakarta Animal Aid Network dan diikuti oleh ratusan penggemar anjing itu untuk kampanye kesejahteraan binatang dengan tidak merantai dan mengurung binatang peliharaan secara terus-menerus.

pawday 2011 in the news!

ruff stuff 

Photo & Caption courtesy of: Safir Makki/ Jakarta Globe, Monday, February 14, 2011, page A2

Dog owners and lovers gather for Paw Day at Langsat Park in Kebayoran, Jakarta, on Sunday. Organized by the JAAN (Jakarta Animal Aid Network), the annual event raises awareness and raises funds for programs to protect endangered animals, sterilize feral cats, and ensure that the Bondol Eagle returns to the skies over the Thousand Islands


penggalangan dana untuk binatang


Seekor anjing Bulldog digendong pemiliknya yang ikut dalam acara Paw Day di Taman Langsat, Jakarta Selatan, Minggu (13/2/11). Acara yang diprakarsai oleh JAAN (Jakarta Animal Aid Network) itu untuk menggalang dana bagi penyelamatan satwa domestik di Jakarta dan sekitarnya



Dogs days


People walk dogs at Taman Langsat in Central Jakarta on Sunday as part of the JAAN (Jakarta Animal Aid Network) Paw Day event to raise awareness on animal welfare and safety.


Photo & Caption courtesy of: Maria L. Kegel/ The Jakarta Post, Tuesday, March 1, 2011, page23

Close to 200 tails were wagging furiously throughout the morning of Feb 13, when the second annual PawDay brought together Jakarta’s dogs and their owners for a day out in Taman Langsat in Kebayoran Baru. Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, which fell the day after, the fundraiser celebrated a love for pets, and attracted an estimated 380 people and their companion animals who leisurely walked the 1.2 kilometer paved route around the park, before gathering in the tent area, set up in the tennis courts, for games and prizes.

photo courtesy of Tri Lestari Suwarto Kolopaking

Event organizer and project leader Susan Mallia said Jakarta Animal Aid Network’s (JAAN) team of organizers and volunteers were “ecstatic” over the high total, with more than double the amount of people and dogs taking part from last year. “people cannot wait for us to host another dog event. They love the day out especially as their canin companions were the main focus,” she said. Pampered pooches of all shapes and sizes, some done up in bows and some sporting doggie-tees, mingled on leashes with each other peacefully while their owners, sharing a canine common ground, struck up conversations with one another. One owner, worried that her small dog would misbehave around so many larger breeds, was relieved at how social the atmosphere was for them and the positives effect it had on his behaviour, calling PawDay a”Woodstock for animals”.

photo courtesy of Tri Lestari Suwarto Kolopaking

The fundraiser also attracted non-pet owners. One reason Jakarta resident Sarah Skelton said she attended was that she misses having contact with dogs from her native England. “It was so well-organized, and I couldn’t believe how many different types of dogs there are  here.” said Skelton. She added it was also a good opportunity to get out and see Taman Langsat for the  first time. “It would be nice to have these events move around the city so that we could get to see the other different pockets of Jakarta.”

photo courtesy of Tri Lestari Suwarto Kolopaking

New features added to this year’s fundraiser included musical mutts, a game played like musical chairs in which dogs were eliminated if they weren’t standing on a mat when the music stopped.

musical mats

Before the game, a number of participants took part in the  puppy Picasso painting competition, in which owners dipped their pet’s paws into pans of paint and then pressed them on a large sheet of paper in a colorful design. All artwork was judged and owners of the winning artists were award prizes. A talent show rounded off the events, with owners bringing the dogs on stage to have them perform a trick or two. Event organizer Mary Lee Stenson, who was honored at the fundraiser as the organization’s vounteer of the year, had come up with the ideas for the dog competitions and emceed all the activities. “She even made the edible dog paint herself,” Mallia added.

photo courtesy of Tri Lestari Suwarto Kolopaking

“PawDay raised people’s awareness immensely as well as provided much-needed funds for JAAN’s many animal welfare programs,” said Maillia, who had spent the last six motnhs organizing and preparing for this year’s dog walk. “All the hard work and effort was worth it and I find great comfort in knowing JAAN now has funds to help cover their massive monthly expenses for helping so many animals in Jakarta,” said Mallia, who is originally from South Africa. Buoyed by the event’s results, Mallia said organizers would strive to make next year’s PawDay bigger and better. “We now know a large part of the community love their dogs, support our organization, and want to support us in the future,” she said, adding that most participants commented that they wanted another dog event this year and that their feedback would be considered.

pawday “2011″ volunteer, during preparation day

Although organizers called Taman Langsat a great venue for holding the event, they would explore other options that could accommodate a higher turnout for next year. An avid animal lover, Mallia and her husband own four dogs, of which three were adopted from a rescue shelter in Hong Kong over the four years they lived in the city before their move to Jakarta last year. “It was a great day out for meeting new friends and meeting people with similar passions. Most of all, PawDay offered dogs and dog owners an enjoyable, social, fun day out,” she said.



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